AS the weekend is set to be a scorcher Cheshire Police are reminding people to keep up the good work of staying alert and staying safe.

Superintendent Richard Rees said: “The vast majority of people have been sticking to the guidance put in place to protect us all and keep us safe.

"The guidance has been changed to give people more flexibility and there are understandably some questions about this as people get to grips with what it means for them. The best way to inform yourself of the new guidelines announced this week is to go to the government website."

He added that the overall aim was to continue to encourage and support communities to comply with the regulations and keep everyone as safe as possible.

“We will continue to use our 4E approach of engaging, explaining, encouraging and only enforcing as a last resort. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind people we cannot enforce social distancing and are relying on your good nature to remember to keep two metres apart, which on the whole people are remembering to do. It’s vital for your own safety and that of others."

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane added: “It has been pleasing to see that the majority of Cheshire residents have been following government advice during the lockdown period to help keep our communities safe.

“However, as more flexibility is given we are now entering a fairly critical phase where a second wave of the virus may occur if we don’t continue to be vigilant. It is as important as ever that we continue to closely follow the advice issued by the government so we can continue to halt the spread of the virus and save lives.”