AN eight year old boy is putting his free time to good use by fundraising for children who have been affected by coronavirus.

Jack Worrall from Runcorn who attends St. Martin's Primary School has set up a GoFundMe page and is hoping to raise at least £1,000 to purchase memorial trees and plants for children who have lost loved ones during the epidemic so they can remember them and help them through their grief.

The kind-hearted lad also wants to try and share money raised between children's charities.

Proud mother Emma Boyle said: "Jack understands that £1,000 is a far reach but he said even if we only get one penny, that is one penny more than we started with."

What makes his determination even more impressive is that he is living as a sheltered individual due to having severe asthma and being on the autism spectrum which triggers a lot of anxiety.

Emma continued: "At the moment we are unable to give him the who, what, why, where and when of the issues of late that he always needs to know. Everything is thrown up in the air and the routine he has known has now changed so for Jack to be so determined and mind set on this fundraising is amazing.

"Jack has obviously seen and heard the news lately and is wondering why they have no complete answers to this virus and that, as the NHS have been amazing and praised, he thinks children may have been forgotten in all this in a way of grieving and support and he wants to let them all know it's ok to not be okay. I's okay to be sad and it is certainly okay to smile and be happy."

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Jack's older sister Chloe Worrall who is 16 lost her form tutor Emma Clarke just a short while after contracting coronavirus. Devastated by the loss, she and her form group at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn decided to arrange a fundraiser for a tree to commemorate their late teacher.

Chloe has made ribbons to sell but also set up her Facebook for donations. Her target of £200 is now at £268.

The fundraising page will be kept open until Tuesday 30th June, with any monies left over being donated to the NHS.

Emma said: "I think Jack has seen Chloe do something amazing and can see that lots of people want to help and he is so passionate in doing this it has given him a real drive.

"He has joked (well I hope he was) that if he reaches his £1,000 target he will shave my hair off.

"We will have to see how that goes. At the minute Jack is only at £54 & is looking to spread the word as much as possible and get him where he needs to be so please if you can donate that would be amazing or even sharing his page so he is noticed and can help children up and down the country.

"We are all so very proud of these two. They have hearts of gold.

You can visit Jack's fundraising page at: