A SURGERY in Widnes has been told it requires improvement after falling below guidelines for safety and the recruitment process of staff.

A comprehensive inspection carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in March found that Healthcare Resource Centre Newtown Surgery, Caldwell Road, found that the provider did not follow recruitment processes to meet requirements for all staff nor did it have clear and effective processes for managing risks, issues and performance.

The report read: "The registered person's recruitment procedures did not ensure that potential employees had the necessary qualifications, competence, skills and experience before starting work. In particular, full recruitment checks had not taken place for all staff members including disclosure and barring service checks of references.

"The registered person had systems or processes in place that operated ineffectively in that they failed to enable the registered person to assess, monitor and mitigate the risks relating to the health, safety and welfare of service users and others who may be at risk.

"In particular, a comprehensive system was not in place to ensure that the Patient Group Directives (PGD) were appropriately authorised. Risk assessments did not consider all potential risks and therefore action to address or mitigate these risks was not clearly outlined for staff."

After the visit it was established that the area where the provider must make improvements:

•Ensure recruitment procedures are established and operated effectively to ensure only fit and proper persons are employed.

•Ensure all systems and processes are effective to minimise risks to service users and staff.

The area where the provider should make improvements:

•Review and update policies to ensure they contain all the information required to support staff in their roles.

•Work with other health and social care professionals to regularly discuss safeguarding concerns for patients identified as being at risk.

•Continue to review and monitor the clinical performance data that falls below the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and national averages.

•Review unplanned admissions and read missions and take appropriate action.

•Establish practice and clinical meetings for opportunities to engage and communicate with staff formally.

•Include all information regarding complaints and concerns in the practice policy and documentation for patients.

Newtown Surgery is part of Halton clinical commissioning group (CCG) and provides services to approximately 7,300 patients under the terms of a primary medical services (PMS) contact.