DUE to growing demand Yorkshire's Delifresh has now expanded its services to Widnes.

Delifresh, who usually supply their produce to top chefs and restaurants in the region, opened their high quality inventory to the public in late March and have since seen record success following support. What was meant to be a temporary solution has been so well received that the company has announced they will remain open to the public after lockdown ends.

The business has achieved over 37,000 orders from across the region so far, with customers demanding they continue supply and many swearing they won’t be returning to the supermarkets again. Due to the success, the business also plans to expand and create new jobs.

The business also recently announced that the money from all delivery charges will go straight to Bradford Children’s Charity Transforming Lives for Good, having already donated over £10K, which will help towards the charity’s aim of reaching over 10,000 children and their families in need over the upcoming months.

They have also joined in the national campaign Feed The Front Line which provides free fresh fruit and vegetables to those battling COVID-19.

Delifresh’s Head of Innovation Development Robert Ramsden said: “We’ve been blown away by the response. What started as a temporary online store to provide our produce to those who couldn’t get access to the food they needed has grown into a 15,000 strong customer base.

"We’ve been inundated with hundreds of comments and emails asking us to remain open after lockdown ends as people want to continue using us. We've also had huge interest from neighbouring cities with many asking us when we'll deliver in their area.

"The biggest reason for our success is the quality of what we’re delivering, it’s locally sourced where possible, field to fork produce that’s usually reserved for the restaurants – flavours and products not usually seen by the public."

The business which supplies everything from Yorkshire artisan cheeses, fruit and vegetables, to fresh meat and fish is adding over 20 new products a week after growing public demand and is currently operating at a 48-hour delivery service with plans to add further product lines in the coming months.