BRIDGEWATER Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the people of Halton for their unwavering support throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Chief Executive for the Trust Colin Scales said: “We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people in Halton.

“The coronavirus pandemic has put enormous pressure on the NHS, its staff and resources.

Everyday since going into lockdown we have been inspired by the kindness and consideration of our local community.

"In recent weeks via the daily staff bulletin it has been our pleasure and privilege to acknowledge some of the donations received.

• To Sew Halton in Runcorn for the scrubs and gowns you delivered to our district nursing teams and urgent care centre staff.

• To O'Grady Electrical Engineering for the butties and goggles.

• To Ditton Deli for the sandwiches you prepared and delivered.

• To Molton Brown for the luxury hand creams.

• To McVitie's for the iced gems.

• To local crafters who have made laundry bags, masks and scrubs for redeployed staff.

• To councillors who have written personal letters of thanks to our staff.

• To the manufacturers of the fantastic road sign outside the urgent care centre in Widnes.

• To our staff for swabbing 400 colleagues in just 24 hours as part of a study led by Public Health England.

• To the staff for organising the study in super quick time and ensuring all staff were appropriately protected during the swabbing and all necessary resources were to hand.

• To the men, women and children of the borough who have delivered sweets, cakes, chocolates and soft drinks to sustain them in these times.

• To the manufacturers of Haribo sweets and colleagues who delivered Body Shop products to our community nurses in Halton.

• To the owners of Wife to Be in Warrington/Runcorn who are featuring images of our staff at Highfield Clinic, Widnes, on their multi media screen in Warrington town centre.

• To Warrington teenager Chris Johnson who manufactured and delivered 100 visors to our community nursing staff in Halton.

• To our patients for their letters of personal thanks and praise for our staff’s care during these times.

• To a former member of staff who ran up scrubs for her former colleagues in the community midwifery team in Halton and delivered them with personal notes of thanks.

• To our colleagues at Warrington and Halton Hospitals and St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals thank you for the 16,000 surgical masks you donated.

• To our colleagues in the integrated hospital discharge team thank you for your help and support in helping us safely discharge patients into appropriate and safe care settings following hospitalisation.

• To the hundreds of Bridgewater staff who have been redeployed to support their colleagues on the front line.

“Despite individual's own concerns and worries, they have set aside time and rearranged their homes and their businesses to produce kit, decorations and sustenance.

“Our staff have been clapped in the street and stopped by people wishing to extend their personal thanks and appreciation.

“Such gestures have gone a long way in supporting us in these most demanding of times and have boosted morale at key moments in the working day.

“We are forever indebted to everyone for everything they have done in support of the NHS at this time but my biggest thanks are to our staff who, day in and day out, have continued to deliver care to some extremely poorly patients."