A SEVEN year old girl from Runcorn is giving the adults a run for their money in the fundraising stakes by coming up with two different ideas.

Olivia Brakenridge from Beechwood who attends St Martin's Catholic Primary School in Murdishaw has made keyrings out of beads and walked thousands of steps in the garden to help raise money for those in need.

Explaining that it was the Claire House Children's Hospice's Step Up Virtual Three Peaks Summit Challenge, where people take part in 'climbing' from their own homes, that provided the idea, Olivia's mother Claire said: "We decided to do this as a family with my husband Chris monitoring the steps with an app tracker to raise funds for Halton Haven Hospice.

"We started three weeks ago and have completed 60,000 steps and raised £310 so far. Our aim is to get to 72,180 steps."

For her second fundraising initiative Olivia wanted to do something to help the NHS and started making colourful keyrings out of beads which she placed in a box on her doorstep and asked people to contribute a contactless payment of £1 each.

By doing this she has raised £103.

Claire continued: "We wanted to make sure the money went to the relevant place so we donated the money to a lady called Anna Hope who runs HOPE charity (Helping Ordinary People Everyday) and supplies care packages to those in need."

Not content with raising money for two worthy causes Olivia now wants to think of a third cause to help.

Trying to think of something else to do, Claire added: "She wants to raise money for vulnerable people so I am trying to think of what we could do next. It is nice to focus on something else. It is a good distraction."

If you would like to make a donation you can visit the family's GoFundMe page at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/threepeaksbrackenridgefamily?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=threepeaksbrackenridgefamily&utm_campaign=pfp-whatsapp&utm_term=992d95838872485dbba4de6397429153.