A WIDNES woman has been using her furlough time to support Widnes Foodbank as a tribute to key workers.

Janet Cartwright, who has worked as a used car sales administrator at Bristol Street Motors Nissan on Moor Lane for over 12 years but is now on furlough leave, is putting her spare time to good use by volunteering for the foodbank.

After knocking on an impressive 150 doors near her home asking if they could give one item, she was overwhelmed by the community generosity of donations which filled the back of her car.

Janet said: “When I delivered it to the foodbank I asked if they needed help and left my name if they wanted to contact me. I received an email a few days later and I started helping straight away and I will continue to do so until I return to work.”

Many of Janet’s close friends and family are key workers, making volunteering much more important to her. Janet’s husband Neil is a tanker driver and has been delivering products that are used in the manufacture of hand sanitiser gel as well as pharmaceutical products. Her daughter Sophie works for a shipping company that brings in blood for the NHS. Janet’s best friend Sharon is a care worker looking after the elderly in a care home and her long-time friend Paula works in a supermarket stocking shelves.

“A lot of people think key workers are just the NHS which just isn’t true. There are many thousands of other key workers out there. Every Thursday at 8pm I clap for my hubby, my daughter, my friends and all the other amazing key workers out there."

Janet is also involved in a ‘brew time catch up’ group chat with some of the people at the car dealers added: " It has been a great way to keep in touch and to help each other stay positive during this difficult time. There is only so much washing and cleaning you can do, so if you can help just one person that’s got to be good."

Vicky Ferguson, Project Co-ordinator at Widnes Foodbank, said: “We would like to say thank you to Janet for her support. We rely on donations from the public and during difficult times like this, demand increases but donations may not. She joined us along with a number of other furloughed workers just as we were asking for volunteers.

"As our regular volunteer force had to stay home due to being in the at risk group, over 70, we were glad to have people step up and help, as Janet did. “If anyone is in a position to help their local foodbank, then please do.”

If you would like to find out more information on how to donate you can visit the website at: widnes.foodbank.org.uk.