PRIMARY and nursery pupils in Widnes are continuing to wow their teachers with their artwork and home learning.

The St Gerard's Catholic Primary and Nursery School community is not letting the coronavirus lockdown dampen its spirits..

Since the government announced the closure of schools, all staff at St Gerard's have rallied around to gather resources, plan activities and prepare home learning packs.

Children from across all school years have been ploughing ahead with their work, even creating pieces of art to spread some joy.

Edd Naylor, assistant head teacher, said: "This is, once again, true testament to what the St Gerard's community is all about.

"In good and difficult times we stick together to ensure all of our children and families are supported and cared for.

"When all of this has blown over we will welcome all of our children back into school with open arms and most certainly celebrate in style.

"While we try to remain positive, we recognise that this is a challenging time for some of the members of the St Gerard's community.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to families who have directly been affected by coronavirus."