A FOURTEEN, 15 and 16 year old remain in custody for a number of related arsons with bins set on fire in town, a care home and McDonalds.

Widnes Fire Station say they are fully supporting the police with their investigation into the fires and added that it was essential to get the message out there that resources for the emergency services were already under tremendous strain.

Issuing the following statement the Widnes and Runcorn Fire Station Manager said: "Widnes has recently witnessed a rise in bin and skip fire and other anti-sociable behaviour.

"I understand some perpetrators have been detained and I thank the police for their hard work and effort. However, I am amazed at this time of national stress involving Covid 19 pandemic that individuals are prepared to set alight to opportunistic targets in their neighbourhoods.

"Fires such as this place a strain on fire service that should be there to preserve and protect life but has to be diverted to extinguish nuisance fires."

He added that the cost of replacement bins saps resources from the local authority and that communities were already feeling isolated and frightened and that hospital beds should not be occupied by self-inflicted wounds.

He urged parents to know their children's whereabouts and advised householders to ensure their bins were in a safe and secure location.

The news follows on from a suspected arson attack at a house in Westmorland Avenue, Appleton, in which a 16 year old girl has been remanded in custody.

Anyone who witnesses a suspected arson attack should contact Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111.