CHESHIRE Police have warned residents to be vigilant of scams related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Nationally, there have been reports of fraudsters visiting the homes of elderly and vulnerable members of the public while posing as police officers or health workers in order to gain entry.

Some are even promising fake coronavirus tests or offering to deliver shopping in exchange for money, appearing to be helping to assist those in self-isolation.

There have been no specific reports of this occurring within the county, but residents are being urged to ‘remain vigilant and on their guard’.

Assistant chief constable Jenny Sims said: “Over recent weeks there has been significant coverage of the spread of coronavirus, and we have been made aware of fraudsters taking advantage of this to target the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Although there have been no incidents reported to us, it is likely that this will change over time and we may start to see these scams across Cheshire.

“That is why it is important that everyone listens to the advice and takes note to ensure we can protect the elderly and most vulnerable in our society from these senseless scammers.”

The force has warned that its officers will never approach residents to take a covid-19 test, and to check the ID of anyone who knows at your door.

If you are unsure of who they are, call the organisation they claim to be representing in order to verify their claims.

Police have also advised never to give money or your cash card to anyone, and not to let anyone into your home unless they are someone you know and trust.

If you believe that you have been victim of fraud, call Cheshire Police on 101 or report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.