A HALTON dad who launched a social media site to rival Facebook is using the platform to help people gain information on the coronavirus.

Mike Sparks, 36, who set up FLEEPED says the page will especially help older people who have no one to talk to that need some general advice.

“I have set up a page to help people get some general information about the virus, an FAQ page, what to do if you have symptoms and the latest updates.

“If older people have no one to talk to we are here to speak to them and anyone who just wants some reassurance or just a general chat.

“This will also help take some of the pressure off emergency services at this time.”

The family-friendly website which now has over 10,000 followers took Mike three months to create and was set up this year in a bid to stamp out the negative aspects of social media.

For more information visit the website at: www.fleeped.com.