WEAVER MP Mike Amesbury has called on the government to act now before people suffer severe financial repercussions from coronavirus they may never recover from.

He told the Commons: “Now is not the time for indecision or half measures, if the government doesn’t step in many great businesses will go to the wall and a huge number of jobs will be lost.

“The health crisis will be temporary but the financial repercussions could last far longer if we don’t take decisive action now. “

Speaking in the Commons, he added that financial measures were being put in place by countries such as France, Germany and Denmark.

He added: “The Danish government has pledged to pay three quarters of company wage bills until June if they promised not to cut staff, but so far the bulk of the British Government’s pledged help for business is only in the form of loans, not grants.

“If Denmark can step in and offer 75% subsidies as a transitional arrangement, why can’t the Chancellor step up?”

“This is a major health crisis and strong measures are needed to protect the most vulnerable in our society, but we also have to ensure that people’s livelihoods are protected too. “