A RUNCORN lady is thrilled to find after installing ladders in Marina Village gullies to help save amphibians from getting stuck that they are already helping.

Kay Houghton, who rescued 96 toads, frogs and newts from drains last year with the help of her husband Keith, said:"I am very happy the ladders are working."

First made aware of the problem more than 10 years ago, she added: "We noticed frogs were trapped in the drains and had to do something to help them out.

"It saddens me however that so many car drivers seem unaware of the frogs crossing the roads and many are killed."

With the help of the British Herpetological Society who supplied the ladders, Kay was able to permanently install them in drains, allowing them to escape.

Praising Mrs Houghton's efforts, Trevor Rose, designer of the device and Secretary of the British Herpetological Society, said: “This is a brilliant initiative on Mrs Houghton’s part.

"Gully pot entrapment is one of the biggest killers of our native amphibians and hundreds of thousands of frogs, toads and newts die on our roads and in gully pots every year."

The initiative has now been running four years and has supplied 1,750 ladders at 86 sites across the UK, with interest continually growing.