"A CHILD who reads will be an adult who thinks" is the motto for children to adhere to at a Widnes school.

As part of St Gerard's Catholic Primary and Nursery School's commitment to maximising reading outcomes reception and nursery children took delivery of their own Reading Lodge during the half-term holiday.

The new hut is designed to provide an exciting learning space for young children while enabling them to develop the foundations they need to become strong readers throughout their time at school.

Edd Naylor, assistant head teacher, said: "This is another example of why we judge ourselves to be a creative, forward-thinking school. Here at St Gerard's we continue to strive to provide the highest quality early years provision in order to ensure that every child's potential is unlocked.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

"It is ever too early to read with a child and share books, stories and rhymes - this is something that should be of every child's daily life. To be ready to start reading, children need to have a variety of skills in place."

These early reading skills include matching, rhyming, awareness of phonics and the skills associated with language development such as listening, attention, alliteration and sound discrimination.

Mr Naylor added that with the addition of the lodge the school was confident that this will enhance reading opportunities for all children at the school.