THREE teenagers who saved a woman and her baby from drowning in a Widnes have been recognised for their bravery.

Joe Draycott, Campbell Law and Ethan Melvin were playing football when the incident took place in Spike Island in December.

By drawing on their first aid and CPR training that they learned at school, the boys were able to carry out a successful rescue.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK joined the Widnes Police in recognising and awarding the three teenagers.

Speaking at the informal Spike Island presentation on Monday, RLSS UK ambassador for the north west, Mike Wardle said: “I know I speak for the RLSS UK Liverpool and district branch and the wider charity as a whole, when I say that what you lads did was really heroic.

“An accident like that could’ve happened to any one of us here, at any time.

"You took what you knew, had the confidence to use those skills, kept yourselves safe and crucially, saved a life.

“Someone asked you for help and you answered, that is very embodiment of what RLSS UK stands for and I feel incredibly privileged to be presenting your certificates today.”

Only 14 years old at the time, the three young men were each awarded the RLSS UK Young Person’s Certificate of Commendation.

The award is dedicated to marking the exceptional lifesaving actions of a person under 18 years old and while the three recipients have been awarded as first responders, the RLSS UK is keen to acknowledge the help and support on the day from the other boys.

Ellis Hume, McCauley Maguire, Tyler Moses and Jacob Potter who, at only 10 years old at the time, was the youngest member of the group, were all instrumental in supporting the family and the emergency services.

After the presentation, Joe Draycott's mum, Adele added: “I wanted to thank RLSS UK for their presentation on Monday, I could tell it meant a lot to the boys but it means a lot to us as parents too.

“I was touched by Mike’s kind and honest words about their actions – it feels a bit funny hearing your son called a hero but it’s true, they all contributed to saving a life that day.

"We’re very proud of them.”