SITES like Fiddlers Ferry must be prioritised to help people take their first step on the housing ladder.

That is the view of Warrington South MP Andy Carter.

He was speaking out following the launch of a new Government scheme known as First Homes.

It aims to help first time buyers get on the housing ladder.

Andy Carter MP for Warrington South said: “Hardworking people deserve the opportunity to own their own home, but too many first-time buyers have been forced out of buying due to rising prices. This is why I really welcome the First Homes scheme, it will be life changing for people across Warrington who are looking to buy their first home.

“The scheme will make a huge difference, we will be cutting the cost of qualifying new homes by a third - lowering the deposit and mortgage requirements for local first-time buyers in England. Under this new scheme, eligible first-time buyers will save on average around £100,000.

“Housing is a key issue for Warrington, and that’s why I’ll prioritise brownfield sites, like Fiddlers Ferry, and ensure we have the supporting infrastructure such as new schools, roads and health facilities they need.”

People unable to afford a home will be able to buy in their area, rather than be forced to look elsewhere by rising prices.

The scheme will lower deposit and mortgage requirements for first-time buyers in England. The discount will apply to a proportion of new homes, with the government consulting on how this will be delivered.

Fiddlers Ferry will close later this year with demolition work to start.

Clearing the site could take years according to Warrington Borough Council.

Mr Carter wants the site used as part of Warrington's Local Plan because of its potential to create thousands of homes.