A CAMPAIGN to change the way people think about the older generations has been launched in Halton.

#DoYouSeeMe? is an original idea to break down barriers between generations, and encourage people to see beyond stereotypes and appreciate the value of older people in the community.

It includes a month-long exhibition held at Widnes Library thanks to a collaboration between Age UK Mid Mersey, Halton Borough Council and Cronton Sixth Form College in Widnes.

Age UK Mid Mersey, working with Halton Borough Council, initiated the campaign idea based on a set of photographs showing a range of older people looking into a mirror, with a younger version of them reflected back.

What followed was a series of inter-generational projects with both staff and students at Cronton Sixth Form College to create a powerful set of visual messages, promoting respect for older people.

Age UK Mid Mersey’s campaign coordinator, Clare Lightfoot, said: “Age UK Mid Mersey is passionate about enabling older people to enjoy later life.

“#DoYouSeeMe? is the focus of our campaigning work respecting older people and celebrating their lifetime of experience and their wisdom; the value of age, a life well lived, lessons learnt and all that being older has to offer society.

“We are not denying age – we are celebrating it.”

The exhibition at Widnes Library will feature all the photos taken by the college students.

It was recently opened by Halton MP, Derek Twigg, and runs until February 28.

Mil Vasic, Halton Borough Council’s strategic director for people, said: “We are working together with Age UK Mid Mersey on the respect campaign which links in with our own campaign to end loneliness.

“It is about looking beyond a picture to appreciate an older person had a life before they got older and that they have so much to give back to their community.”

For further information contact doyouseeme@aukmm.org.uk.

Widnes Library, found in Victoria Road, is open to the public from Monday to Saturday.