A RUNCORN patient who threatened to petrol bomb Warrington Hospital told staff, 'my surname is Hussain so you know I mean it.'

Kathryn Kidson Hussain, 40, appeared in Warrington Magistrates' Court last week also charged with assaulting a nurse on the same day.

Hannah Scott, prosecuting, said a member of staff at Warrington Hospital was completing his shift on August 14 when he came across Kidson Hussain in the discharge area.

The court heard how he went over to speak to her but she started swearing about her discharge plans.

Kidson Hussain, of Leonard Street, Runcorn, then told the staff member: "I'm going to come back and petrol bomb the hospital, the staff, and you, and just so you know, my surname is Hussain so you know I mean it."

Ms Scott added that on the same day, an NHS charge nurse went to see Kidson Hussain and saw that she was not properly lying in her bed.

The court was told that when the nurse went to help her, Kidson Hussain hit him in the face, grabbed his clothes and scratched his chest before spitting in his direction.

Warrington Magistrates' Court Peter Green, defending, stressed that his client is not in good health, physically or mentally.

In a statement from her father read out in court, he stated that when she was admitted to hospital she was incredibly anxious.

When asked, hospital staff said Kidson Hussain had not been given her various medications and they did not have them.

The defendant's father retrieved the medication from his daughter's home but staff said they could not give it to her without authorisation, leading to Kidson Hussain's agitation.

For each offence Kidson Hussain was given a four month prison sentence, to be served concurrently.

These were suspended for 12 months, given her vulnerability.

She must also complete 35 rehabilitation activity days and must pay compensation to the nurse she assaulted.