THERE will be advice on how to prevent falls during a drop-in session at Widnes market later this month.

Taking place on Wednesday, January 29 from 9am–4pm, the event is hosted by Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Bridgewater) Community Matron Service supported by the Bridgewater Falls and Frailty Services along with Halton Council and North West Borough's Healthcare.

With 16% of Halton's population over 65 and 4% over the age of 80, Halton has one of the highest rates in England for elderly people suffering injuries due to falls.

Bridgewater Community Matron Sally Adams said: "Although everyone is at risk of a fall, older people are more vulnerable and at an increased risk.

"Hip fractures can be extremely detrimental and the risk of fracturing a hip increases with age and amongst those with conditions such as osteoporosis.

"With an ageing population the need for falls prevention is likely to increase.

"Events like this offer a vital way of addressing these issues and bringing about all important behaviour change needed to prevent falls as well as offering the opportunity to speak with health professionals including Bridgewater's Falls Service enabling people to act on the information and advice they receive".

In addition to information, advice and demonstrations on how to get up from a fall, there will also be the opportunity to find out more about the new Bridgewater Frailty Service which will be launching in Halton in February.