A COMMUNITY shop for people on welfare support is set to open its doors in Halton next week.

Situated in Priory House, Halton the store aims to help thousands of local people with access to high-quality, low-cost food and household products.

Revenue raised from the food and product sales will be invested into the Community Hub, where members can gain access to personal development support, with sessions including everything from cook club and home budgeting, to interview skills and business courses.

Membership to the store is open to people who live locally and receive welfare support.

The store will also run a community kitchen, offering wholesome hot meals to members.

A spokesperson for shop said: "The first flagship North West store has received widespread support locally including from local organisations Onward Homes, Halton Borough Council and Well North have generously provided capital investment to support the creation of the store, hub and kitchen.

"Community Shop stores generate a transformational social impact by inspiring motivation and confidence in members, and improving health and economic outcomes for families."