CAMPAIGNERS from Extinction Rebellion Warrington used the silver Jubilee Bridge in Runcorn to raise awareness of the need to combat climate change

They hung a 36ft banner from the side of the bridge to highlight their fight on Sunday. A spokesperson for the group said that they wanted to remind people that the forthcoming general election was the last chance to vote in a government which was prepared to take the actions needed.

The spokesperson added: "We are not here to tell people how to vote – everyone needs to weigh up the different policies and make up their own minds.

"Extinction Rebellion is independent of party politics.

"However, the United Nations are telling us that governments around the world have not been doing nearly enough to combat climate change, and time is running out.

"The point of no return is no longer over the horizon – it is looming fast.

"We are all responsible and we all need to act now."