ON the 30th Anniversary of The Stone Roses' era-defining gig at Spike Island in Widnes, get ready for a celebration like no other.

The Clone Roses will follow in the footsteps of their heroes as they headline: Spike Island - the resurrection on May 16 next year.

The UK's No.1 tribute to The Stone Roses will take to the stage at that infamous Widnes island in what will be the only live performance to have been held at the site since that momentous day in 1990.

They promise to emulate the Roses' legendary set to a T, from the classic setlist, to the vintage apparel, and the euphoric atmosphere that made for an unforgettable moment in history.

They will be joined by a stellar bill of acts hand-picked to pay homage to the iconic Madchester years of which Spike Island was undoubtedly the pinnacle.

Tribute acts waiting to entertain include Oas-is, The Smiths Ltd, Happy Mondaze, The James Experience and True Order.

A number of original faces from the Madchester scene will also make an appearance

There will be DJ sets from Inspiral Carpets' Clint Boon and Happy Mondays' Bez, Andy from 808 State, Hacienda DJ legend Dave Booth.

Dust Junky's rapper MC Tunes, all of whom performed at the 1990 Spike Island. In addition, Manchester DJ and Radio host Dave Sweetmore will host the day’s proceedings.

Looking forward to the event, Baggy, bassist for the Clones said: "The prospect of performing on the exact same site as The Stone Roses played their now legendary show is almost unbelievable.

"Growing up only a few miles from the original site on the Mersey estuary we were all brought up on the tales of that day.

"I'll admit I was just a little too young to attend on the day but if you believe what folk say around here it appears there was closer to 330,000 rather than 30,000.

"We hope to give the veterans a nostalgic trip down memory lane as well as a chance for younger Roses fans to experience just some of the magic of that day 30 years ago.”

Cllr Rob Polhill, Leader, Halton Borough Council said: "We have received a draft licence application for this event and we will be working with them so that a full application can be submitted.

"Those in Halton and beyond - who still recount with enthusiasm their memories of 30 years ago - will be joined by many others who are excited at the prospect of recreating the legendary concert at Spike Island."

The Clone Roses are the longest serving and best selling Stone Roses tribute act in the UK. Since their formation, Roses fans have been adoring the Clones' expertly executed renditions of classics including Waterfall, She Bangs the Drums, Made of Stone, I am the Resurrection and many more.

Hailed by Stone Roses' bassist Mani as "the second best Stone Roses in the world", the Clones have earned an outstanding reputation for their attention to detail, from the amps and setlists, to the clothing to swagger; they were even selected as the official Roses tribute choice for Isle of Wight Festival and Kendal Calling festivals.

Regularly performing at some of the UK’s best and biggest venues, The Clones have conquered the stages of Manchester Academy.

Held on the Whitsun Bank Holiday in 1990 on a largely unused, man-made island in the Mersey estuary of Widnes, Cheshire, The Stone Roses at Spike Island is regarded as one of the most famous gigs the UK has ever seen.

Taking place at the height of Madchester and located slap bang between the thriving music scenes of Manchester and Liverpool at that time, the event signified a coming together of tribes, the peak of Roses-mania and the moment that would define a generation.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday (December 7) at 10am, from www.spikeisland2020.com