FORECASTERS have issued a yellow warning for Thursday as heavy rain is predicted across the region. 

The Met Office warns flooding of a few homes and businesses is 'likely' and that bus and train services will  'probably be affected' making journey times taking longer.

The warning is in place throughout Thursday this week.

A Met Office spokesman added: "Periods of rain are expected to become widespread and locally heavy across parts of England and Wales through Thursday.

"Over western areas, particularly the higher ground of Wales, some snow is also likely, with local accumulations of a few cm possible.

"Rainfall totals of 15-30 mm are likely, with some spots, particularly higher ground, seeing isolated totals of 40-60 mm."

How to reduce surface water flooding

Mary Dhonau, CEO of Know Your Flood Risk, says her top tips include replacing paving with gravel and installing a water butt.

She added: "This only cost a few pounds, but saves money (if you’re on a metered supply) for watering the garden – and is especially good when water is scarce in the summer."

Here are a few more suggestions as to what can be done to slow down the rate that rain water enters the drains: 

  • Instead of hard paving on your drive, use permeable paving or a plastic ‘honeycomb system’ (a system of plastic grids) that you can either fill with soil and then plant grass seed, or fill with gravel. The honeycomb system will contain the gravel and keep it in place – either way, it is robust enough for a car to be parked on.
  • It is possible to plant a hedge to divide you from the street? This would encourage wildlife and screen of pollutants from the road.
  • If you really need a fence, grow roses or an evergreen climber (such as Jasmine) up it.
  • You could create a ‘rain planter’ into which you can divert the rainwater from your roof downpipe.
  • Plant water-thirsty shrubs in your garden