STAFF at Halton Haven Hospice have launched a fundraising campaign to buy a new car and need your help.

The charity was dealt a cruel blow this week when told that repairs needed for their current car would cost more than it is worth.

Currently the vehicle is limping along and hospice staff fear it won't be on the road for much longer.

The hospice will shortly be celebrating 35 years of providing specialist care to the local community.

Grants Trust and Gift Aid manager Kevin Matthews has been tasked with providing a solution to the current problem.

He said: "The Hospice car is used by our nursing team to visit patients in the community, transport patients to and from the Hospice for treatment and to pick up vitally needed medications.

"Although we have vans for our shops they aren’t appropriate for the other work that we do.

"We're desperate for a new vehicle."

The charity is hoping that a Superhero will come along and help them.

If you think that you could support the Hospice in replacing their car call Kevin on: 01928 712728

It costs £2.6 million to run the hospice and it receives around half of that from statutory sources.

The charity works hard to raise the other half and in the current economic climate this added cost is just a step too far.

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