A NEW book has been published commemorating the bravery of Halton’s once-forgotten war heroes.

Those who died during the First World War are commemorated on various cenotaphs in the borough.

The VC awards are well documented, but many other gallantry honours for those who survived the Great War are not.

The new book, published with help from the National Lottery heritage fund, focusses on some of those who did return and should also be recognised; it is hoped the project will help build awareness among the community and within local schools of heroism and crucially the life stories of those who survived the war and what their life was like in the aftermath.

To mark the centenary of the First World War, the project enabled people in Halton to come together to preserve the memories and heritage of those who lived through the conflict.

Volunteers collected photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, letters and photos of keepsakes, as well as family tales passed down to help them build a clear picture of what life was really like.

The project has delivered 40 short biographies of WWI heroes who survived and who are no longer with us to be able to tell their own compelling stories so those of us in the twenty first century do not forget their bravery.

Chairman of Halton Heritage Partnership Frank Lawless said: “We’re delighted that we’ve received support thanks to National Lottery players especially those in Halton, that has enabled local heritage to be recorded for future generations especially those who gained gallantry awards, survived and led a life post-war.”

Copies can be purchased from the Curiosity Bookshop at High Street, Runcorn.