A leading charity which supports people on the autism spectrum fromCheshire is staging some training sessions in Runcorn to help improve awareness of the condition.

Cheshire Autism Practical Support (ChAPS) is organising the professional training sessions offering an introduction to autism with a view to making employees more autism aware.

“At ChAPS, we support hundreds of people of all ages who have autism spectrum conditions, with a varied programme of 80 different activities across Cheshire every month, as well as offering help and advice to families,” said Jo Garner, ChAPS chief executive.

“This help also extends to these professional training courses, and the introduction to autism is a three-hour interactive session designed to improve awareness of autism, and highlight common problems and ways to solve them for those working alongside people with ASC.

“The course is broken down into three different sessions, looking at the theory around autism, practical examples of how autism affects people and looking at strategies and ideas which can increase awareness and understanding.

“The content within the course is a mixture of teaching, discussion and participation, and each point is taught with practical examples given and discussed.

“By the end of the session, we are confident that delegates will have far greater awareness of autism spectrum conditions, and increased knowledge and confidence when working with people with ASC in their daily lives.

‘I thought I knew a lot about autism, but this training has given me more insight,’ was the feedback from a delegate who attended a previous course.

‘It has helped give me a greater understanding of the difficulties faced by people with autism, and why they face those difficulties.’

The sessions will be run in Northwich and Runcorn during September. For more details or to book a place email office@cheshireautism.org.uk