THE Met Office have revealed a new list of storm names for 2019 and 2020.

First introduced in 2015 by the Met Office and Met Éireann (the meteorological service in Ireland), the Name our Storms campaign has helped raise awareness of the potential impacts of severe weather in Britain and Ireland before it hits.

Now in its fifth year, Met Office and Met Éireann have joined forces with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) - the Dutch national weather forecasting service.

Derrick Ryall, associate director of Public Weather Service at the Met Office said: “We were delighted with the public response to our call for names earlier this year and are really pleased storm naming has been embraced by press, media and public to better communicate the potential impacts of severe weather so people are better prepared, when it matters.

“Now coming into the fifth year of the Name our Storms campaign, we look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Met Éireann, our partner in Ireland and are delighted to welcome our new partners from KNMI.”

Earlier this summer Met Office and Met Éireann received thousands of suggestions from the public after asking people to send in ideas for future storm names.

And so, working with Met Éireann and KNMI, the list for 2019-20 has been compiled from these suggestions, choosing some of the more popular names along with names that reflect the three nations diversity.

Does your name feature on the list? See below for A-Z of storm names:

A - Atiyah

B - Brendan

C - Ciara

D - Dennis

E - Ellen

F - Francis

G - Gerda

H - Hugh

I - Iris

J - Jan

K - Kitty

L - Liam

M - Maura

N - Noah

O - Olivia

P - Piet

R - Roisin

S - Samir

T - Tara

V - Vince

W - Willow

Letters Q, U, X, Y & Z are not included to ensure the storm names are in line with the US National Hurricane Centre naming convention and maintain consistency for official storm naming in the North Atlantic.