A MUM has spoken of the moment she saved a man's life after he had a seizure at Creamfields.

Rachael King and husband Ben spotted the casualty on the floor surrounded by a group of people only moments after entering the Daresbury dance music festival.

The mum-of-three instinctively ran to help after recognising that he was having a seizure, with her children all suffering from epilepsy.

She said: "When I got closer to them, I was gobsmacked – there were probably 10 people around him and not one of them had a clue what to do.

"He was lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth.

"People were sticking their fingers in his mouth, which you should never do, and trying to prise his jaws open.

"I got down on the floor and rolled him onto his side to stop him choking and made sure there was nothing around him that he could hurt himself on.

"I remember thinking I was the only person there who knew what to do - I didn't have time to worry about it, I just did what I could."

While the couple regularly care for their kids Jenson, William and Darcie – aged seven, five and four respectively – during seizures, this was the first time they had come to the aid of an adult in such a way.

Rachael, from Northwich, is now urging members of the public to learn how to help someone who is having a seizure – and is particularly keen to promote the Epilepsy Action guidelines.

She added: "It was the first time I have had to deal with a seizure that wasn't one of my children, so I didn't know anything about him or his medical history and it was a completely different scenario.

"Ben said to me 'you were in the right place at the right time', but I just fell back on what I knew – I hope that other people would have done the same thing if they had known what to do.

"I thought I needed to make a new video on what to do if someone is having a seizure, because every second counts.

"The response has been unbelievable."