A MOTHER'S battle with the most serious form of post-natal depression could be turned in a new TV film.

The story of teacher-turned-best-selling author Elaine Hanzak, who was born in Runcorn, who endured an agonising four-year struggle with the condition after giving birth to her son Dominic in 1996, is in talks to transform her traumatic ordeal into a hard-hitting docudrama.

Now a full-time health campaigner, Elaine, who now lives in Helsby, said: "I'm delighted that a TV production company have shown interest and produced a screenplay and I can't wait until filming gets under way.

"The sooner my story gets on to TV screens, the better because I want to raise awareness about this devastating condition."

The 44-year-old health campaigner's best-selling autobiography Eyes Without Sparkle brought her misery to the world - which included self-harm and roaming through Halton Village, Runcorn, during winter in a nightdress.

"Looking back I think I would do anything that would distract me from the storm that was raging in my brain," she said.

"Eventually I was diagnosed as suffering from puerperal psychosis, the most severe form of post-natal depression that affects about two in every 1,000 women after birth.

"I was admitted to a psychiatric ward in the building of a former Victorian asylum and began my journey back to full health via electro-convulsive therapy - electric shock treatment. I hope the TV film will pull no punches."

Radcliffe Publishing, which released the book, said two production companies had expressed an interest in Elaine's story.

Adrian Banyard, development producer for Ecosse Films, said: "We think Elaine has a compelling human interest story to tell and we believe it will make a great TV film. We are currently discussing it with the BBC, but it is still early days yet."