STAFF and commuters at Runcorn Railway station have backed Clatterbridge Cancer Charity's Big Lego Hospital build campaign by creating two rooms forming part of the giant toy structure.

The hospital charity commissioned the Lego Hospital, which will feature half a million of the popular children's bricks, to raise money for its new centre, currently under construction in Liverpool city centre, which is set to open its doors next year.

When complete, the Lego model will measure 1.6m x 2.8m x 1.6m high.

It will contain more than 100 rooms and 200 mini figures – such as nurses, doctors and construction workers - in the completed model.

Members of the public can buy a brick for £1 as part of the fundraising campaign, which aims to raise £500,000 towards construction of the specialist hospital and improvements to the Wirral site.

Runcorn Station customers were given the chance to buy a brick which staff then added to the model.

In addition, Virgin Trains donated £4,000 to the campaign.

Gary Campbell, Virgin Trains station manager for Runcorn Station, said: "Clatterbridge has provided some incredible support for cancer patients and their families in the Wirral and wider North West region.

"I know first-hand about their amazing work as they treated my mum for breast cancer three years ago and we were only too pleased to help promote The Big Lego Brick Hospital.

"It's a fun and interactive way to raise some much-needed funds."

Katrina Bury, head of The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, said: "I would like to thank Virgin Trains for their generous sponsorship towards the construction cost of the new state of the art cancer hospital in Liverpool.

"They also gave us the fabulous opportunity to showcase the Big LEGO Brick Hospital at Runcorn Station, so train passengers could buy bricks and help build the model.

"We very much welcome this wonderful support and the opportunity to spread the word about the valuable services provided by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to the people of the region."

For more information the Big Lego Brick challenge charity, visit