A PROLIFIC young fundraiser from Widnes will unveil two more life-saving defibrillators he has raised cash for this weekend.

Aidan Jackson, who has raised more than £30,000 for charity, will unveil numbers five and six on Sunday.

Number five will be unveiled at The Mersey Hotel in Widnes at 2pm. He will then head over to Halton Haven Hospice in Runcorn for the unveiling of his sixth.

Halton Haven Hospice's tea at three event will take place from 3pm till 5pm, with the defibrillator launch scheduled for the start. Aidan will also be running a tombola stall that day to raise funds towards to buy community defibrillator number seven.

He needs another £700 so this can be ordered and is working hard to raise those funds.

Aidan told Runcorn & Widnes World today: "It is important to continue raising funds for these life saving pieces of equipment. The more of these that are available in our community the better.

"I have been asked the question many times - How important are Community Defibrillators?

"They are extremely important as anyone can use them.

"By performing CPR and using a defibrillator, you'll give someone the best possible chance of survival, but there isn't always a defibrillator close enough to help save the life of someone having a cardiac arrest.

"I hope that my fundraising means that lives will be saved."

Each defibrillator with pads, emergency kit and coded case costs approximately £1600.

Aidan has been raising funds for community defibrillators and since last August, managed to buy six defibrillators.

He has raised funds through raffles, collection tubs, online donations, donations from local businesses.

He has had great support from the community and met with Patrick Ah Van of Widnes Vikings.

He tweeted the players to ask if they could sign two rugby tops that he had bought.

Patrick arranged for Aidan to meet the team so they could sign the tops. Aidan is now holding a raffle for the tops to raise more funds for community defibrillator number 7.

Tickets for the signed rugby tops will be £1 each and be paid for via PayPal to caz1971@hotmail - include name and contact number.

Aidan's fundraising work began more than four years ago and has earned him a place on the shortlist for a prestigious National Diversity Award in recognition for be for a positive role model. The winners will be announced during a ceremony at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool next month.

He started fundraising after close friend Olivia Walker passed away in 2014.

Her family set up a foundation in her memory The Olivia Alice Foundation.

His many challenges in that time include a Mile of pennies, sponsored walk, swimming the distance of the English Channel Crossing in a pool, raffles, car boot sales and craft stalls.

He also collected sleeping bags, coats, warm clothing and toiletries for the homeless in Liverpool and then distributed them of an evening over a couple of weeks.

He hold an annual Christmas Carol Concert Fundraiser for the community in the garden at my home.

Last year hear won national acclaim from the Prime Minister, receiving a Points of Light award which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others.

On his charitable work, he said: "I don't always find my fundraising easy as due to my age and Aspergers, ADHD along with problems with my legs.

"I don't let this deter me and have been in situations that many of my peers haven’t had the opportunity of.

"I have recently been ill in hospital but I am determined to continue to help as many people as I possibly can."