A MERSEYSIDE horse charity is appealing for urgent help after revealing it only has £45 in the bank.

Horse Sense Wirral, based in Thornton Hough, Wirral, helps rescue ponies and horses by giving them a place to stay and recover.

However after recently rescuing nine ponies from Runcorn, the charity has now been pushed into a financial crisis.

In a statement, the charity said: "As we have posted many times over the last few months, out funds have been getting lower and lower, as of today out bank account has just £45 in it.

"With running costs of £12,000 per month, we simply can't carry on without you.

"We urgently need everyone to dig deep and donate what they can to keep us going please, the animals need you.

"Not one person takes a wage or expenses, so every penny you donate will go directly to the care of the animals."

The charity also needs food such as: stud nuts; conditioning cubes, chaff, fibre beet, Top Spec - Anti Lam and Ready Mash Red.

Horse Sense Wirral continued: "We do really need it to be bank transfer or PayPal so we have access to the funds immediately or you can order us food direct from our supplier.

"You guys are amazing and without you we wouldn't be where we are now, we just need your help to get us through this time until the grants we have applied for are assessed and hopefully approved.

"We space out our grants over the year to keep steady money coming in, but recent events and lack of public donations have left us with nothing.

"Thank you all so much for your continued support."

To donate to Horse Sense Wirral, please donate via PayPal horsesensewirral@yahoo.com or bank transfer; sort code 16-16-14, account no. 1037 5919.