PEOPLE are demanding more be done about ‘yobs who rule the streets’ after a knife was found in a local park.

In March, police officers in Widnes issued a warning after a group of youths threw missiles at their cars in Upton Rocks.

At the time, parents were slammed for ‘not knowing where their kids’ were.

People living nearby have also reported ‘targeted bin fires’ and documents on Halton Council’s website suggest a number of young people misuse alcohol and drugs at the park.

And according to disgruntled residents, things are going from bad to worse.

Upton Rocks has become a hotbed for crime and anti-social behaviour in Widnes.

At a community knife sweep in the park earlier this year, a knife was recovered – as well as a ‘small quantity of articles that could be used as improvised weapons’.

A petition – signed by 67 residents of nearby Ascot Gardens – has now been submitted to Halton Council, asking for ‘robust action’ to be taken around anti-social behaviour.

The petition gives evidence of a ‘minority of youth who are causing mayhem and unhappiness in the area’.

Halton Council says it is taking a string of problem-solving measures, including installing a camera in the park, increasing police activity and more meetings with councillors and the community.

Documents on the local authority’s website state: “Over and over police resources continue to be deployed at weekends and school holidays.

“Dispersal powers are also regularly used by local officers to target those causing or encouraging anti-social behaviour.

“Work continues with the fire service to reduce the number of deliberate fires.”

The petition was noted at Halton’s safer policy meeting last night (Tuesday).