A KIND-hearted six-year-old has been inspired to save the environment by carrying out her own litter picks, reducing plastic and protecting wildlife.

Alexis Mowat, from Halton Brook, has been doing her best to help the environment after watching a David Attenborough programme about the current problems facing the planet.

Rebecca, Alexis' mum, said: "She has fallen in love with the environment and helping since watching Our Planet on Netflix and has been worrying about the world and its animals.

"She has chosen to sponsor penguins through WWF for her birthday to help protect them."

The Holy Spirit primary school pupil took it upon herself to do a litter pick with her family and friends around Halton Brook after an organised one was never properly arranged.

Rebecca explained: "We did the bigger park, all along the shops and community centre and the diddy den park.

"Halton Brook councillors came out to help and we gained more people along the way- three hours spent in totally cleaning up the area and it looks so much better."

Alexis has recently written to the council and her school asking for reduction in plastic use, to set up more recycle, reuse and reduce schemes and to organise monthly litter picks.

Her aim is for Runcorn to become a palm oil-free town.