A TALENTED young Widnes pupil had his work displayed at an exhibition which celebrates the unique talents of people with autism.

Marley Hannah, aged seven, took part in the Autism Art ‘Awakenings’ Exhibition held at Northwich Business Centre.

Marley, who is a pupil at Farnworth Church of England Primary School, had his work displayed with other members of the group at a showcase attended by the mayor of Northwich.

The first such event was organised by Cheshire Autism Practical Support (CHAPS) in 2017 and has showcased the talents of more than 500 families throughout Cheshire.

The event was designed for the artists to unlock what autism means to them and express it to the wider community.

This in turn aimed to increase their confidence and emotional well-being.

The group’s managing director, Jo Garner, said: “A lot of our children and adults can feel quite negative about things sometimes because they’ve struggled with schooling, struggle getting into the workplace or struggle with self-confidence.

“Our exhibition gives them such a positive experience.

“The feedback they get from their nearest and dearest makes so much difference.

“We are always looking for help to fund more play therapy, mindfulness and intensive group work for the families we support.”

Full details of what the organisation does are available on its website at www.cheshireautism.org.uk.