A SEVEN-year-old girl has become her dad's little hero after alerting her neighbours to his epileptic seizure.

Maci Threlfall from Calvers, Runcorn, ran to her neighbours' house to get help after her dad Peter, 38, fell to the floor in his home.

Peter has suffered from photosensitive epilepsy since he was 12 but his last seizure was eight years ago.

He explained: "I've not had more than ten seizures in my life, probably only five or six.

"My previous one to this was in 2011 and that's because I was working a night shift.

"It's always been computer related or because of a lack of sleep.

"I'd always said to my daughter that if dad is ever on the floor and you can't wake him up, go to the neighbours."

Peter said he knew something was wrong when his vision started going into slow motion.

He said: "I came into the house and poured two glasses of water and then I was woken up by paramedics."

Maci had knocked on two houses and told neighbours to call for an ambulance which arrived in seven minutes and took Peter to Warrington Hospital.

Peter added: "It was a bit of a shock. I am just so proud of my daughter.

"She's not left my side since. She's my little hero."