FOOTAGE of a drink driver ploughing his BMW car into a bus and lamppost has been shared as a warning to others.

The shocking video of the intoxicated motorist travelling at excess speed was shown in court to highlight the dangers of drink driving.

Unable to keep the black BMW 335i on the road due to being over the limit and driving twice the speed limit, the 34-year-old driver first collided with a bus stop.

But shockingly this didn’t stop the car from continuing along the pavement at speed until it eventually hit a lamppost.

Now facing the opposite direction, after two high impact collisions, the emergency services were alerted to the wreckage with a 38-year-old woman unconscious in the back seat.

She may never fully recover from her injuries and uses a walking aid to get around.

When assessed by medical staff, the full extent of her injuries were:

• Fractured pelvis

• Bilateral rib fractures broken in multiple places

• A bleed to her spleen

• Injury to her liver

• Blunt abdominal trauma

• Collapsed lung

• Spinal fracture

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Mariusz Florczak, from Altrincham, has now been jailed after pleading guilty to drink driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving in the Ardwick area of Manchester.

He originally told officers a car had come out of a side street and collided with him but CCTV soon proved he was lying.

He was jailed for two years yesterday, Monday, and on his release will face a five year disqualification from driving.

Seamus Toal, from Greater Manchester Police's Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “If you ever even think about getting behind the wheel after you’ve had a drink, no matter how much, please remember this footage.

“For the next two years, Florczak will have plenty of time to think about what he’s done and the pain and suffering he caused his passenger but for her, every time she puts one foot in front of the other, every time she tries to move, she’ll be reminded of his foolish and quite frankly selfish actions that morning.

“I have no doubt that had he not collided with the bus stop and lamppost, he could have killed someone and it is only luck that has saved innocent members of the public.

“There really is nothing more to say other than: remember, none for the road.”