A TOTAL of 39 knifes have been cleared off Runcorn streets in the last seven months in a crack-down on knife crime by campaigners.

Mike Amesbury, Weaver Vale MP met with anti-knife campaigners in the town to hear about their vital work in helping to save people's lives.

Louis Bamber and Vicky Shepherd launched Live Your Life, Drop the Knife which has focussed both on on educating young people about the dangers of knife crime and working with police and councillors to carry out community clean-ups and knife sweeps.

These important sweeps have uncovered 39 weapons in the last seven months.

Mike has been a strong backer of the campaign and has praised their work in Parliament.

He said: "It’s vitally important that we have people active in the community like this helping to inform, educate and galvanize a community response.

"They have a lot of exciting ideas for the future and I’m going to try and help support them going forward in any way I can."