A MUM whose son took his own life has made the heartbreaking discovery that Warrington Mortuary has lost the clothes he was wearing.

David Morrice, from Widnes, died aged 19 on April 22 last year.

It was an agonising wait for his family before an inquest into his death was heard in September, and only after this were David's clothes released.

David's mum, Susan, said: "I didn't get the clothes back until November.

"I gave them to a friend to wash and when I went round they weren't my son's."

Susan discovered that she had been given someone else's clothes and after she lodged a complaint with the mortuary and checked with police, it soon became apparent that David's clothes had been lost.

She explained: "The mortuary said they would check 48 hours either side of him being there- I want them to be checking every day he was there.

"It's dragged everything out.

"From November they should have checked when I asked, and it's not just my son's, it's someone else's too."

The clothes which Susan received display the logo for Stretton Transport.

She is hoping that a friend or family member of the individual who worked for this company will recognise this and receive the closure they need.

A spokesperson for Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust said: "The Trust would like to reiterate its sincere condolences to Mrs Morrice and her family.

"We fully appreciate the grief that they are suffering and how this has been added to by not being able to return items of clothing that belonged to their son David.

"The Trust has investigated the concerns raised, working with Cheshire Constabulary, to try and locate the items of clothing that have gone missing and to fully understand what has happened.

"We are also contacting funeral directors to again try to locate the items of clothing, so that we can ensure we are taking all measures to track these precious items.

"The Trust has changed its procedures since this incident to ensure that we have labelled property bags for all of our deceased patients, so that we can ensure that belongings can be tracked inside and outside of the Trust."

If you believe you may know whose clothes Mrs Morrice has been given, please contact us on 01925 596568.