AN 81-year-old living in Florida has been sent his very own Widnes street sign to remember where he met his wife more than 63 years ago.

American serviceman, Joseph DeClemente, has been sent the sign by Halton Borough Council after they were contacted with the unusual request and a love story to go along with it.

Joespeh met Marie Owens from Albert Road, Widnes when he was stationed with the US Air Force at the Burtonwood Airbase in 1955.

Joseph's son, Steven, said: "Even though my dad was a typical American in so many ways, he embraced the English culture, and fell in love with my mom.

"Her family loved him too, but in a way maybe nobody really thought the relationship was going to amount to anything."

Joseph and Marie's relationship continued until 1958 when it was announced that most operations at the Burtonwood airbase by US forces would end.

Joseph knew he could not return to America without Marie and on April 12, 1958, they were married at St Bede’s Catholic Church in Widnes so she could travel with him to New York.

In 1959 Marie gave birth to their son Steven, the first of three children they would have together.

But, Marie grew homesick and retuned with the baby to her home on Albert Road.

With the help of Marie’s family and friends, Joseph managed to convince her to return to New York with the promise that they would visit Widnes each year.

Steven explained: "Our family pretty much holidayed in Widnes every year.

"I always looked with such excitement to return to my second home in Widnes."

Planning for their retirement the couple bought a home in Florida, but Marie was diagnosed with lung disease and died on August 25, 2017.

Now Joseph owns a small farm in Florida which has its own private road which he decided to rename in memory of where his family began.

Steven said: "It represents his love, our families love and many memories of Widnes, which will never be forgotten."

The Albert Road street sign was sent to Jospeh's home by Halton Borough Council and was erected on March 3.