FIDDLERS Ferry power station could be transformed into employment facilities after it is decommissioned, it can be revealed.

Warrington Borough Council’s draft local plan – which is aimed at delivering the homes, jobs, transport infrastructure and community facilities the town requires – will be considered by its executive board on Monday.

The document confirmed that the authority recognises the potential of Fiddlers Ferry power station to contribute to meeting future employment needs, with the likelihood that it will be decommissioned during the plan period.

However, given the uncertainties over the timing of decommissioning and the requirements for extensive site remediation, the power station has not been included in the plan’s identified employment land supply.

But it is expected to contribute to meeting the borough’s longer-term employment needs.

The council believes the 20-year local plan will see the town consolidate its position as ‘one of the most important economic hubs’ in the UK.