HALTON Council has announced the Vikings owe £350,000 and it will work to both recover the debts and rebuild the club.

Widnes Vikings went into administration on Friday and if no investor comes forward the club will go into liquidation.

The community has come together over the weekend to show what the Vikings mean to the town, with £50,000 being raised by supporters.

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Halton Borough Council has now announced its disappointment at the Vikings' situation and says the responsibility lies with the club's current owners.

A spokesperson said: "Halton Council is disappointed that Widnes Vikings have been unable to secure investment or a new owner to take the club forward.

"The council is also disappointed the current ownership of the Vikings have decided not to support the club financially and chose to place the club in administration.

"This decision puts at risk the future of the club and will impact on the ability of the Vikings to retain the players and staff who have committed to the club and have started the season so well.

"The responsibility for the position the Vikings find themselves in sits fairly and squarely with the current ownership who have overseen the demise of the club over some time."

To assist the Vikings, Halton Council offered the club a new arrangement to reduce the costs playing at Halton Stadium.

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The spokesperson added: "The council also agreed to reprofile the debt repayments Widnes Vikings pay to the council in respect of the substantial historic and current debt the Vikings owe to the council.

"This package of support was offered by the council to secure the repayment of debt owed to the council by the Vikings and provide the Vikings with the very best opportunity, within their financial means, to succeed in the Championship and gain promotion in the Super League.

"The council is now engaging with the administrator to seek to recover debt owed to the council and to explore the rebuilding of the Vikings."