WIDNES Vikings are being placed into administration - and will have 12 points docked this year.

But a bigger concern spelled out is that if no investor comes forward the club will go into liquidation.

That stark news was spelled out at a press conference at Halton Stadium at noon.

Peter O'Hara, from administrators O'Hara's LTD, said: "In crude terms it has simply run out of money.

"We have procured the wages for the players until the end of this month.

"Immediately prior ro being informed there had been a potential sale to a consorttium, but for reasons we do not know that deal broke down on Monday evening.

"As a result of that the directors decided that they could not continue. There is no money and the company is insolvent and they had to do something about it. 

"Our job is to try and preserve what is left. Whether we can do that depends on the potential investors in this club.

"It was our intention to play the game on Sunday but that broke down due to insurance. Rather than pay the premiums, clubs pay the bills rather than rely on insurance.

"We can't take that liability on - we asked the RFL and they indicated that they cannot do it.

"After much deliberation we decided the game was off.

"The reality is that unless some investors are found this week, the club will be in the same position again next week and unable to play due to insurance.

"To a large extent, unless investors are found pretty quickly the club will go from administration to liquidation. And that would be the end of Widnes, which I am sure nobody wants."

Chris Brooksbank, from O'Hara's added that discussions had taken place with potential investors.

He said: "We have had negotiations with one consortium and I have had indications of interest from another two this morning. We are looking to fix up meeting with those.

"All I can emphasise is that a sale must be achieved or we will be in the same situation next week and there will be no game and things will fall apart very quickly from there.

"It has to happen sooner rather than later or otherwise this great club will have to go into liquidation.

"That is the reality of the situation."

Given the club has been placed into administration, the historical debts the Vikings owe will not be carried on by any new owners.

And that makes the club more attractive proposition for some investors.

O'Hara said: "The new investors will not be paying those historical debts which were fairly high, to the local authority here for example.

"If the club do go forward it will have to sell some players, but effectively the club are here today in this position because they have spent more than they have earned."

Brooksbank added: "Our focus is the present and the future, rather than the past. 

"The main thing now is to sell this club and get it playing rugby.

"The indication of the historic debt is something that we will look at in time, but the focus has to be selling this club.

"We are not here to asset strip in any shape or form, but there may be an instance next week where players may have to be sold. We want to keep that to a minimum, but that has to be an option given there is no other income."

A statement issued by the club's board has stated: "The board wish to convey their sadness and disappointment at this course of action but, having made extensive efforts in recent months to find investment opportunities, we have been unable to avoid this situation.

"The administrators have extensive experience in supporting businesses with the same challenges faced by Widnes Vikings and have a strong understanding of Rugby League.

"We believe that they are the right appointment for the club and sincerely wish them success in their endeavours.  

"We wish the very best for Widnes Vikings, its players, staff, supporters and partners, and hope that this matter can be positively resolved soon for all parties."