MEMORIES of a beloved mum have been destroyed by contractors.

Claire Nix, 30, lives in Runcorn and is housed by Onward Homes, a housing association with homes across the north west.

In July, she was told her home would need a new roof along with asbestos removal.

Claire explained: "I was told if my belongings in the roof were in bags and boxes then it would be fine.

"It wasn't fine.

"I had my deceased mothers stuff in there along with my Christmas and Halloween decorations.

"It was all put into an incinerator without me being told.

"I know legally with asbestos they have to, but they didn't even tell me."

Claire's mother died when she was 18 and she had kept her clothes and other sentimental items to look back on.

A letter was sent out to residents informing them of the work and telling them to remove items in the roof before it was carried out, but Claire stresses that individual situations should be looked at.

She said: "A surveyor came to the house soon after this letter.

"On this visit they told me I couldn't remove my belongings because we had suspected asbestos after inspecting an issue with the main beam.

"They said that if all items where boxed and bagged then they could remain and not need disposing off.

"I had expressed that I had not time to empty it and was reassured if it was boxed and bagged it would be OK."

A spokesperson for Onward Homes said: "We have a great deal of sympathy with Mrs Nix and understand the sentimental value attached to her possessions.

"The work was carried out by our contractors Engie and we understand that Mrs Nix is now pursuing a claim for the items with Engie."

A spokesperson for ENGIE said: "We have a great deal of sympathy and understand the sentimental value attached to the resident’s possessions.

"We partnered with Onward Homes to inform all residents that the roofing work was being carried out and urged them to remove all possessions from their roof/attic spaces.

"We are now working with Onward Homes to provide Mrs Nix compensation for the items lost."