GETTING stuck in motorway traffic after a car has broken down has become a regular occurrence for commuters while the smart motorway roadworks take place.

Steel barriers have replaced the hard shoulder along long stretches of the motorway network in order to protect workers.

But it means when a cars grinds to a halt their only option is to block the carriageway while they wait for help.

And while we often grumble about the delay, what if you're the unlucky person behind the wheel of the car that's broken down?

Would you know what to do?

We asked Highways England for their advice to any drivers whose car breaks down during the smart motorway roadworks.

A spokesman added: "If you stop in the nearside lane next to a verge and feel you are able to exit safely with any occupants, consider exiting your vehicle via the nearside (left hand) door, and wait behind the safety barrier, if there is one and safe to do so."

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What if I break down in the middle lane?

If it is not possible to get out of your vehicle safely, or there is no other place of relative safety to wait then the advice from Highways England is to stay in your vehicle with your seat belt on, switch your hazard warning lights on and dial ‘999’ if you have access to a mobile phone.

A spokesman added: "We have also installed temporary CCTV cameras along the route to monitor the motorway for any incidents, and are providing a free recovery service 24 hours a day to move broken down vehicles off the carriageway as quickly as possible."