A MAN who was told he would never run again has just completed his first marathon.

Mark Lightfoot, 55, from Runcorn, lost more than four stone while training with Mark McGrath at Activate Fitness in The Heath business park.

He completed his first 5k run at Widnes Parkrun in 2018 and went on the complete the Tatton Park 10k just one month later.

But, a problem with his ankle soon stopped his success.

Mark McGrath, 30, his personal trainer, explained: "He woke one morning to find one ankle swollen, unable to fully bear any weight on one leg and unable to move his foot in the way needed to manage stairs.

"Following a couple of hospital visits, X-ray, MRI scan and seeing a orthopaedic consultant he was diagnosed with Posterior Tibal Tendonitis, an injury that was a result of an undiagnosed condition which was likely to cause him a problem at some point irrespective of running."

The condition causes damage to a tendon in the foot meaning it cannot provide the correct stability and support.

Mark had to wear a walking boot and an orthopaedic brace for three months and was told by doctors he may never be able to run again.

He had six months of rest along with physio and exercises to help repair his ankle.

In September, Mark returned to the gym before embarking on a three month marathon training programme in October.

His personal trainer added: "He has just completed his first marathon this month in four hours, 51 minutes in Florida.

"Alongside this he had to learn to walk and run using orthotics which he said was a strange experience.

"It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!"