HALTON residents will now have to pay an extra 32p a week to fund the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the Metro Mayor despite promises that no extra charges would apply.

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region, has unveiled the 2019-2020 budget proposals for Liverpool City Region.

The budget, which was decided on Friday, outlines how much Halton residents will be asked to contribute through a precept to enable the Metro Mayor and Combined Authority to deliver their aims.

But this contradicts an email which was sent by David Parr, chief executive of Halton Borough Council in November 2015.

In an email, Mr Parr was previously asked by a Halton resident whether there would be an additional charge to meet the Liverpool City Region’s budget.

In his response, Mr Parr stated that there would not be an extra charge.

Under the new proposals, 95 per cent of households that pay council tax will pay about 32p a week, in order to raise £7.6 million per year.

About 96 per cent of the money raised will enable the Combined Authority to develop and deliver its initiatives, while four per cent will cover the running costs of the Metro Mayor’s office.

Mr Rotheram said: “We receive no ongoing government funding for the running costs of our Combined Authority and so we have no option but to ask residents to contribute through a small precept.

“However small, we know that this is an added burden and so have kept that contribution as low as possible.

“For 95 per cent of residents it will be no more than 32 pence per week.

“I have repeatedly lobbied for proper central government funding but so far without success.

“In the face of continuing austerity, we cannot expect our six local authorities to carry on funding the combined authority.

“The devolution deal is the only way we can secure the funds we need to transform our city region, and we have already brought in hundreds of millions of pounds that we would otherwise not have had, including £183m in the 18 months since I became Metro Mayor.”

In response to the information provided by David Parr in 2015, a spokesperson for Halton Borough Council said: “The information provided in 2015 reflected the position at 2015.

“The Liverpool City Region Mayor and Combined Authority set a budget each year and determine the budget on the circumstances at that time.”