A CHARITY which helps people receiving chemotherapy has raised £5,000 for new treatment chairs.

CANsupport, a Halton Hospital based charity, set themselves the target of raising funds to buy four new chairs for the CANtreat Chemotherapy Unit at the hospital.

The chairs were in urgent need of replacement after being used for 15 years and no longer met the highest standard of comfort and hygiene.

CANsupport wanted patients from Halton, Warrington and surrounding areas to get the best possible treatment and care in a relaxed environment.

Various companies and community organisations across the towns came forward to donate, such as Viridor Waste Management Company and staff at Runcorn Job Centre.

Halton Royal British Legion also hosted a fundraising evening which was well attended by more than 180 people.

A cheque for £5,000 was handed over to CANtreat deputy ward manager. Laura Selby. and Clatterbridge matron, Sophia Bourne, meaning all eight chairs can now be replaced.

CANsupport chairman, Ian Downing, said: "We have had a fantastic response to our appeal and it will make a great difference to the many people who receive treatment in the CANtreat Unit."

Encouraged by its recent success the charity is now raising funds for a Vein Finder device for use in PIU (The Planned Investigations Unit), Halton Hospital.

To donate please contact Ian Downing, CANsupport chairman on 07792 698286 or send a cheque to CANsupport Fundraising Group c/o Delamere Centre, Halton Hospital, Hospital Way, Runcorn WA7 2DA.