A MUSICIAN has bagged a spot performing in a London arena with his touching song about the battles of mental health.

Stevie Stewart, 24, from Runcorn will be competing in the finals of the Open Mic UK songwriters competition on January 20 at the Indigo O2.

Stevie, who performs under the stage name Average Joseph, beat over 4,000 people by impressing the judging panel and audiences with the song, 'Smiling up There' which he wrote following the death of his friend in 2016.

He said: "I’m sure many can relate in today’s fast world and the growing realisation that mental health affects so many people.

"I’m very lucky that I have music to help me through any struggles that come my way.

"Losing my friend was a very bad time for so many- she was a very important part of my life and she taught me to be my true self, which is terribly underrated these days, in a sometimes cruel world.

"I wrote the song last year to help me process and hopefully raise awareness that you never really know what someone is going through and I think it’s really important to be mindful and kind to others."

Stevie’s journey with music began at an early age with his mum and stepfather playing in a band while he was growing up.

He remembered: "There was always music going on in our home, be it the radio, a guitar or a piano being played.

"In my teens I would go and watch my mum’s band, 'Little Jo & The Misfits’.

"Mum would totally transform herself on stage and I was always in awe of watching her perform songs she’d written and crafted at home.

"It was quite something to see and I wanted that for me too, so I practised and practised every day until I felt comfortable enough to perform in front of others and my love for music grew from there."

Along with five other finalists Stevie will perform his song to the public and a panel of judges in London in the hope of winning the grand prize of recording of his song with industry professionals.

For more information about Stevie's work, visit his Facebook page or search for his YouTube channel.