THE alleged victim at the heart of a rumoured Northwich school ‘paedophile ring’ told police she was scared by the actions of a man seeking to expose it, a court has heard.

Philip Day, 55, is on trial for the stalking of two UCAN staff members and arson at the school, which the prosecution says was spurred on by a belief that a student had been sexually abused by a teacher.

Despite no official report ever being made to the police by the student in question, Day embarked on a Facebook ‘campaign’ to find ‘the truth’, which prosecutors allege amounted to stalking of headteacher Cath Green and another teacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

These public Facebook videos, a police officer told the jury from the witness box, led the alleged victim to contact the police station saying that she was ‘frightened’.

DC Paul Gratton, who first came into contact with Day in November 2016, said the defendant had been ‘difficult’ to deal with throughout the investigation.

In a police incident log read to the jury, DC Gratton said of Day: “He has made it clear he believes there to be a cover-up whereby the school, social care and police have colluded and withheld evidence in relation to the teacher.”

When asked by the prosecution whether he believed this to be true, DC Gratton replied ‘not at all’.

The alleged victim then contacted DC Gratton directly, saying: “I’m frightened because he has gone too far.

“I am frightened that someone will come after me and hurt me. I don’t know what to do.”

After these concerns regarding the Facebook posts were raised – to the point where the former student was ‘stressed and anxious’, and felt she may never be able to give a statement – DC Gratton told Day that his actions could amount to harassment.

In an email, Day responded: “In a game of chess sometimes you have to sacrifice your pieces to win the game.”

Handwritten notes from the former student to the police detailed allegations of bullying by the teacher, but no sexual offences.

The teacher later took part in a voluntary interview in November 2017, where he said he was aware of and ‘flatly denied’ the sexual offence allegations and ‘appeared genuinely upset’ by them.

The police investigation was again closed in January 2018, with the door ‘left open’ by police for the alleged victim to make an official report at any time.

Day, of Saltash Close, in Runcorn, also faces charges of burglary and arson at a house in Essex. He denies all charges. The trial continues.